Father's Day
17 June 2021
Father’s Day Activities At Home
Father’s Day is coming soon and while it is important that we all stay home during the pandemic, it doesn’t mean that our families cannot celebrate Father’s Day. Here are some Father’s Day activities at home suggested by MR.TOY:

Watch Movie at Home Together

If your father is a movie lover, bring the movies to him! Create a movie night with dad on Father’s Day by replicating the cinema experience for him. Let him choose the movie of his choice while you prepare his favourite snacks before enjoying the movie together with him. 

Wash His Car

Is your dad a car lover? Offer to clean his car for him or better - surprise him! Clean the outside and the inside of his car so that it is clean and shiny and don’t forget to put in a new car freshener for him. Once you’re done, you can also fill up his petrol for him.

“Dine Out” at Home

Create a “dining out” experience for your dad at home. Get mom to cook a big feast with all his favourite dishes and set the table nicely as if you are at a restaurant. Here is a suggestion, kids can entertain him by being his personal waiter for a while!

Family Game Night 

Have a family game night and invite dad to join! One activity that you can do is to solve puzzles together and see how well you guys can work together and complete a complicated puzzle.
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