DIY Crafts
02 July 2021
MR.TOY Fun DIY Craft Ideas at Home 2
Here are some more DIY Craft and DIY Tips suggestions from MR.TOY that you can try at home: 

DIY Craft (Mini Coloured Volcanoes)

Make colorful volcanoes by using baking soda and vinegar in a container to create mini ‘eruptions’. This classic science activity never gets old and kids will always be amazed at the reaction.

DIY Craft (Crystal Names)

Amaze your kids with this cool DIY crystal name craft. This is an easy and low-cost science experiment that uses borax to grow crystals. Put a smile on their face when they see their name shimmer and sparkle under the sunlight! 

DIY Game (Chore Game)

Let's make doing chores fun for kids so they can give you a little hand at home! Create a small square with tape and challenge your kids to sweep the floor into the tiny area as a cleaning game. ⁠When your kid successfully complete it, give them a compliment!

DIY Crafts Tips (Water Balloon)

Want to have some fun water balloon games at home but don't want to turn the hose off and on multiple times while filling up the balloons? Just create a water pump using any old shampoo bottle! This is much easier and less messy than using a hose.
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