For Your Little One
13 October 2022
MR.TOY Selections For Your Little One
Looking for the best toys for your child? Look no further than MR.TOY's collection of Kids' Toys & Collectibles. Here are some toy ideas for your little one that you can get from MR.TOY:

2 in 1 Excavator Kit 

9019464 - RM66.00

Keep your child focused and engaged with this cool DIY Excavator Transformer toy!  The playset will keep your child entertain for hours and train their hand coordination and problem solving.

Whack A Mole 

9019263 - RM56.00

Now you can bring this classic arcade "Whack-a-mole" game home! Ditch your TV and smartphone, and have some fun family game time with your kids!

Maze Game

4900510 - RM26.10 

Maze game is an excellent toy that helps stimulate our child's minds in problem-solving and keeps them engaged with the game.

Mermaid Plush 

4901058 - RM10.90

Looking for a unique present for your kids? This Soft Mermaid plush toy is soft and cuddly, great for cuddle time with your little one.

Transformable Robot Dino 

8961425 - RM24.90

This 2-in-1 transformable robot dino can be transformed into a special robot! This will allow your child to have twice the fun while exploring the Jurassic and transformed robot worlds.


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