Plushie & Pretend Play Toys
31 October 2022
Plushie & Pretend Play Toys For Kids From MR.TOY
Role play encourages children's creativity while improving communication and motor skills development. Any of these pretend playsets will satisfy your child's imagination. Every child enjoys a squishy soft toy to cuddle and pet. You will find the cutest stuffed plush toys and play sets at MR.TOY.

Dentist Play Set

9019173 - RM12.50

Say, “AHHH”. Unleash your kid’s potential to become a dentist by role-playing with this dentist play set.

Cat Plush (45cm) 

8961433 - RM31.00

Snuggle up and get cozy with this adorable cat plush from MR.TOY! Cuddle up on the sofa with your new companion, or take it with you wherever you go!

Burger Play Set

9017933 - RM8.80

Who doesn’t love Burger and Fries?

Let’s make a spooktacular burger and fries set with this fast food playset!

Bunny Plush Toy (50cm)

8961440 - RM35.00

Bunnies brighten up the world with their floppy ears and adorable faces. Add this adorable plush to your little one plushie collection!

Truck Play Set 

4900174 - RM38.90

“This is 9-1-1, what’s your emergency?”  Trying to be cool this Spooktober? Buy this police truck play set!

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