MCO Activities
10 June 2021
MR.TOY Videos To Watch During Self Quarantine
MR.TOY is back with more Youtube videos to feature! If you and your kids are doing self quarantine at home during this time, it can be a little boring at home with nothing to do. Play these videos for them to boost up their mood so that they have something to look forward to:

Tabletop Shoot Game

The girls got a Tabletop Shoot Game to play and challenge amongst themselves. It looks so fun!

Ball Shoot Game

Another game that they’ve tried is the Ball Shoot Game which is totally different from the Tabletop Shoot Game. They described how to assemble the toy and also how to play with.

Kitchen Play Set

Little girls are big fans of Kitchen Play Sets! Their parents who cook meals for them are a big role model and want to be like them as well. This toy helps them to identify the different types of utensils in the kitchen and to learn their functions..all while they pretend to play.
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