11 February 2020
1. When is the new FREE face mask stocks are going to arrive?
  • The stocks are going to arrive to store next week by stages.
  • Refer to our website CSR page and our Facebook page for the latest update on free face masks availability.

2. Is there a minimum purchase required for me to receive a free face mask?

  • There is no minimum purchase required.
  • All customers visiting our stores will receive a free face mask, while stocks last.

3. How many free masks are you giving away?

  • We are giving out 3.5 million masks at all our stores nationwide, while stocks lasts.

4. Which stores are available for the FREE Face Masks?

5. When is MR.DIY is going to sell the face masks?

  • The face masks are being supplied in stages.
  • You may log on to MR.DIY’s Facebook page for the latest announcement updates.

6. Is there limitation to how many FREE face masks can customers bring home?

  • The face mask is limited to 1pc per customer. Available while stocks last.

7. How long are you running this free face mask CSR initiative?

  • We are running this initiative while stocks last.
  • We anticipate the stock to last for 10 to 15 days.

8. What type of free face mask are you giving out?

  • We are giving away the triple-ply face masks.
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