Craft Ideas
23 June 2021
MR.TOY Fun DIY Craft Ideas at Home

Get out of that stay home routine for a day and do some fun DIY crafts with the family! It’s always good to try something new, here are some suggestions from MR.TOY: 

DIY Craft (Fairy Jar)

Want a colorful glow in the dark jar? All you need is some glow sticks, glitter, and a mason jar to DIY your own stunning and magical fairy-like jar! 

DIY Craft (Family Tree Craft)

Create a lovely family tree craft together with your kids and have some quality bonding time. Not only can they work on their drawing skills, but they can also learn more about their relatives.

DIY Craft (Foam Paint)

If you are looking for an easy, affordable and quick art and crafts project to do at home with your kids, you will love this colorful DIY Foam Paint. Just mix some shaving cream with your desired food coloring and glues together, then mix all ingredients nicely into a ziplock bag before drawing it on a piece of paper.

DIY Craft (2 in 1 Owl Craft)

Keep your kids entertained for hours of fun with this cute craft project at home by making their own owl craft. This 2 in 1 Owl craft can be worn as a hat or a puppet! 

DIY Craft (Washi Tape Car Track)

There are many affordable DIY crafts you can do with washi tape. One idea is to make a cool race track on the floor with your little kids and have a fun mini play area in the house! 

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