MR.TOY Christmas Year End Specials
03 November 2022
Fun Christmas Gifts for Kids From MR.TOY

It's the best time of year! Children have high expectations for what they want to find under the Christmas tree. It can be difficult for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends to find the perfect gift for a child. 

Here are our suggestions for children's gifts:

Dinosaur Biting Game 

4900674 - RM12.10

Kids or Adults, both will love this game! Get this Dinosaur Biting Game for a fun play night with the children at home. This game is simple and easy to set up. Just randomly press on any of the crocodile teeth, and if the mouth snaps, that person loses the game. The dinosaur's bite will not hurt your hand, but the thrill of not being trapped inside is worth it!

Putty Plasticine  

9018227 - RM17.70

Ever wonder how slime is made? Now you can make real slime in just a few minutes! You can add beads and glitters to your desire. A fun family activity to do with your children on the weekend. Poke it, squeeze it, smush it! This fluffy putty slime will captivate your child. It's a lot of fun to play with it.

LED Fluorescent Writing Board 

4900199 - RM23.00

This LED Fluorescent Writing Board is unquestionably a wonderful gift for children on any occasion, including birthdays, Christmas, and Children's Day. Children aged 3 and above will get very curious about their surroundings and will conceptualize their imagination into drawings. Drawing is a great way to let your children express their feelings. Get them a Led Fluorescent Drawing Board to let their imagination run wild.

Underwater Puzzle World (96pcs) 

4901157 - RM18.90

Looking to buy a 96 Piece Puzzle for a gift? You are in the right place!

Underwater World Jigsaw puzzles have been bringing joy to children for many years. This puzzle is now popular with adults as well as children. It is both interesting and beneficial to children. Jigsaw puzzles teach children perseverance and concentration. Aside from that, jigsaw puzzles help the child focus for a longer time.

Chicken Ballot Games 

8900511 - RM17.70

We present a family-friendly arcade game. It is an effective way to develop interpersonal skills while having fun with family and friends. The game is about pulling out as many feathers as possible while ensuring that no eggs fall out of the nest.


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