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14 November 2019
Cool Toys for Boys from MR.TOY

Boys love to play and they also love to be challenged. They like toys that make them feel cool, toys from their favourite shows, toys they can build or interact with, toys they can show off or engage their friends with. With so many to choose from, it can be a challenge to get it right.

Our list of cool toys for boys which include a wide range of items to suit boys of different ages who have varying interests. All of these toys can be purchased at MR.TOY, click here to check out our locations. There is something here for every boy to love.


DIY Skeleton Building Blocks

9078070 - RM33.00

There are 40 pieces of skeleton in this DIY skeleton building blocks set. Suitable for children age 3 years old and above. Parents can sit down together and help the boys to model anything they want (expecially cars or trucks) while teaching colors to them too!





My Play Table

9016866 - RM65.00

With My Play Table, your child can have their own space to build anything they want with the 188 pieces available. Plus, this table also can be used as a storage box so it will be more convenient to tidy up your child when they have finished playing.



Dino World Dinosaurs

9018302 - RM25.90

Love Jurassic Park movie? Now your kids can have their own dinosaurs. It features dinosaurs in various sizes and even dinosaur eggs. Let your kid’s imagination run wild while playing with this toy.



Farm Series Model

9018352 - RM35.00

Baa, baa, black sheep, have you any wool?

Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full!

Have fun with this farm playset and be a farmer while singing the famous nursery along. Your boy can pretend that he is managing a farm with this set.


Dinosaur Stegosaurus Excavation Kits

9016681 - RM15.50

Now your child can enjoy the stegosaurus excavation kits, a good hands-on toy that involves mystery and surprise. Because it is a 3D skeleton, it is a great toy set for your children to experience like a real Palaeontologist and to discover each individual skeleton. To make it interesting, you can also teach your child the different names of each bone.



Track Blocks
9016546 - RM65.00

Here are 33 colourful, various shapes of blocks that will help your kids play together and have a good time while building anything to their imagination! They can learn how to build a robot, a slide, wheel blocks and even a deer. It’s a great educational toy that is suitable for 3 years old and above.


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