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09 March 2020
Gift Ideas for Schoolgirls from MR.TOY

It is really easy to get gifts for girls who are in school because you can give them so much cute but still useful items to help them to excel in their studies. Here are some gift ideas from MR.TOY:

Cute Desk Lamp

9046741 - RM28.90

Here is a friend that will light up any girl’s world! This adorable creature light will not only accompany them when they're studying or reading, but it can also help to light up the girl’s room at night.


Mermaid Water Bottle

9046724 - RM27.90

We all know drinking water is extremely important to keep us stay hydrated and maintain the balance of body fluids. It helps better digestion, circulation, and absorption. Motivate kids to drink more water throughout the day with this beautiful bottle from MR.TOY. This thermos is portable and stylish enough to bring along to class and will help to keep them hydrated all day long.

Journal Set

8951255 - RM31.00

Journaling is a beneficial activity for kids and making it a habit teaches them to organize their thoughts and offer a deep insight on how to improve themselves. It can also serve as a memory capsule for their childhood life which will prove to be special once they grow up. This complete set comes with a beautiful book, a black gel pen, stickers for decoration, washi tape and two clips.


Ice Cream Rabbit Pen

8951293 - RM3.70

Check out our great selection of cute pens for any student’s writing needs! Choose from a variety of colours to get the best one for your gift.



Portable Fan

9046736 - RM19.90

A fashionable and portable USB fan is easy to hold but can even stand, which makes it perfect for on the go students who want to do their homework comfortably anywhere. On top of that, it is great for a summer outing with family and friends.

Nekoni Stickers

4900118 - RM5.30

This collection of sticky notes are great for writing down reminders, thoughts, to-do list and messages. It’s perfect for a student and the cute design may help to encourage her do her homework.

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