Stay Home
17 April 2020
Stay at Home Ideas with Your Young Child
Staying at home with your young ones during this time is a good thing as you have more time to bond with them now. Here are some activities you can do at home with your young child:

1.Read a Book or Look at Pictures
This is a simple but great bonding activity to do with your children, especially if they like to listen to you tell them stories. Here are some tips to make it more interesting, use hand gestures when you read to them and you will see how engaged they are.

2.Make Drawings with Crayons or Pencils
Kids love drawing because it helps them to unleash their imagination and creativity. This is a simple activity that doesn’t need much except for some paper and some crayons or pencils. A good idea is to ask them to look outside the window and ask them to draw what they see.

3.Dance to Music or Sing Songs
Children love dancing to music and singing along to songs and they will love it even more when they have someone to do these things with.

4.Do a Chore Together - Make Cleaning or Cooking a Game
Older kids can help you around with simple chores. Make this an educational experience for them as you teach them smart ways to clean and cook. Make it a game so that they can learn to enjoy it as well.

 5. Help with School Work
Staying at home doesn’t mean that they can take a break from school work but this is a chance for you to help them with it. Teach your children what they need to know while watching them grow and learn.
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