Stay Home
21 April 2020
Ideas with Your Teenagers
Teenagers will probably have mixed feelings about COVID-19, physical distancing and self-isolation. It is important for parents to help them understand and cope with the situation. Here are some ideas for activities you can do with them from MR.TOY:

Talk About Something They Like

Start a conversation with your teenagers. A good way to do start is by starting with a topic they like such as sports, music, celebrities and their friends. You can do it while having breakfast or at the living room and this will be a great bonding time for you guys.

Cook a Favourite Meal Together

One way parents can help teenagers to feel productive while they are at home is to make them feel like they achieved something. One idea is to cook a meal together, especially if it is one of their favourite meals. Tell them that they improved their skills so that they feel accomplished and motivated to do the activity again.

Play Board Games Together

Board games are a family favourite. It might be tempting to stay on the phone the whole day and night but sometimes it is good to take a break. Play board games together and you can even turn on a favourite movie on Netflix for extra entertainment!
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