Father's Day 2020
19 June 2020
Celebrating Father’s Day While Social Distancing
On a typical Father’s Day, most would go out for a celebration. As social distancing may become the new normal, it doesn’t mean that your family cannot celebrate Father’s Day. Here are some creative ways by MR.TOY for the family to make Father’s Day special even while social distancing.

“Dine Out” at Home

If dining out was something that your family typically does every Father’s Day, you can try to create the experience at home. Recreate the dining table into a restaurant table and let kids play make believe by serving as the wait staff. It will be a fun activity!

Family Game Night

Create quality bonding time with the whole family while focusing on dad. It is important to let him pick which game he wants to start with, because Father’s Day is his day. For example, if you guys happen to play jigsaw puzzles, you can see how well you guys can work together and complete a complicated puzzle. Head over to MR.TOY for a variety of board games to choose from.

Watch Movie at Home Together

One of the silver linings of social distancing is the opportunity for families to spend more time together. Instead of missing out on the cinemas, you can create a movie night with dad on Father’s Day. If you have a projector, use that instead to replicate the cinema experience. Let dad choose the movie for his night and get started with snacks and drinks for the whole family to enjoy together.

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