New Normal
29 June 2020
New Normal Parenting Tips by MR.TOY
While parents get to spend a lot of time together with their kids, parenting during a pandemic is challenging. Figuring out what your children needs in terms of education, support and more during this period isn’t easy. Here are some tips from MR.TOY:

Encourage Early Bedtime

Sleeping late and waking up late have become the routine for many schoolchildren as they have more free time due to the school closure.  One way to encourage early bedtime is to not allow them to bring their mobile phones into their rooms. Being active on social media platforms, especially for older kids, is one of the reasons they sleep late and wake up late.

Create Routines

School closures play a part in disrupting routines and the problem with this is that your children might have difficulty to adjust to the new normal once school reopens. Try to stick as closely as possible to their prior routine such as waking up at the same time and having similar meal times. You can create a timetable or to do list of consistent daily activities that is flexible. Children or teenagers can help plan the routine for the day – like making a school timetable. Children will follow this better if they help to make it.

Teach your child about keeping safe distances

As school reopens, it's important to teach your children about keeping safe distances, on top of staying on top of hygiene. If your child is young, you can draw pictures so that they can understand better. Reassure your child by talking about how you are keeping safe and why it is so important.

Life will eventually return to normal. Until then, we just have to try our best and get through each day as best we can.

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