New Normal
16 July 2020
School Reopening Guidelines Reminder by MR.TOY
With the schools reopening, all parents and guardians must adhere to the set of guidelines as they play an important role because they are more aware of their children’s conditions and whether their children are fit to go back to school. Here is a reminder from MR.TOY about the school reopening guidelines:

If your child is symptomatic, for example suffering from coughs, fever or tiredness, ensure that you don’t send your child to school. They should stay at home to take time and rest and not create unnecessary worry among their teachers and classmates.

Teach your child the proper steps to wash hands and most importantly to use soap and water every time, especially after coming in contact with things outside or people. Remind them to wash their hands thoroughly for 20 seconds and if they don’t have access to any soap and water, use a hand sanitizer instead.

Remind your child to practice social distancing at all times while in school, on the way to school on a school bus, in the canteen getting their lunch, or waiting for the school bus after school. Explain to them the importance of this action and how it can help to keep them as well as their friends and family safe.

Let's practice all the necessary steps together and ensure a safe environment in school.
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