14 August 2020
Best Miniature Toys from MR.TOY
Miniature toys are kind of replica of items but in a much-smaller-than-usual size. There is a certain charm to them because kids can create their own miniature worlds. It’s also a bonus for parents because miniature toys are easier to put away and don't require much space, provided that there is a box to keep the toys in since they are so tiny. Here are some of the best miniature toys they you can get from MR.TOY:

4900216- RM27.90

Shop for miniature accessories at MR.TOY to find unique details and furniture set to complete your dollhouse. This beautiful white bed frame with baby blue duvet and pillows in miniature form will be a perfect addition to yours.


4900215- RM18.90

Customize and design your own miniature dollhouse with this TV & console set. It features miniature books and baskets as well. If you are a dollhouse lover, you can get all accessories and furniture from MR.TOY to give you a complete and realistic dollhouse.

9018956 - RM12.50

Head to the beach with your little ones for a day out of fun in the sun. Let them play in the sand with this miniature pastel color beach playset, which is a perfect toy for young toddlers.

9019458 - RM28.90

This miniature petrol station toy is a great choice for kids. Let them have a little building and roleplay session at home. They probably seen you fill up the petrol when going to the petrol station, so this gives them a chance to try it out and pretend they are you!

4900223 - RM8.90

Fancy going shopping? Let your kids play make believe shopping with this toy shopping cart with miniature donuts. For added fun, pretend to be a cashier so you can also role play with them.
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