14 September 2020
Must Have Toys for Girls from MR.TOY

With kids having to stay mostly indoors for the foreseeable future, they will be more likely to be bored more often. Keep them occupied with interesting or educational toys. Here is a list of must have toys for girls from MR.TOY that will for sure impress them:


9018115 - RM49.00

DIY your own house and doodle it with your creativity. Build the house and paint it with colorful markers. It is a great educational and fun gift for kids aged 2 and above.


9018065 - RM47.00

Buy a Drawing Board for your little one at MR.TOY! This drawing board has a number of features that will surely interest your child such as the option to choose colors and they can also make the board stand.


9018985 - RM18.50

Kids at the age of 8 years old and above, they started to develop adult-like interest and hobbies. Girls will start to love doing art and crafts, cooking, and make-up. This beauty playset is a great toy to introduce them to doll up and look pretty.


9017857 - RM24.60

This playset comes with a carry backpack. Suitable for children aged 3 and above, they can assemble and set up the cooking station right in the backpack. A fun role-playing to play with your little one together.


9018583 - RM4.30

Let your little girl turn into a little princess for a day with this earrings and necklace accessories playset. She can play dress up and you can even help her to braid her hair.
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