Parenting Tips
28 September 2020
Secret Ways to Teach Your Child How to Write
Teaching your child how to write isn't as easy as putting a pencil in their hand and showing them the alphabet. They will need to understand letters and numbers as well as practice in multiple areas. Luckily, here are some secret ways you can teach them:

Exposure to Print Materials

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Let your child see you read, whether it is books, magazines, or newspapers so that they will feel like it is a normal thing to do. Make books accessible to them such as creating a kid-accessible book basket or shelf. Make letter puzzles and letter magnets and letter toys available around the house as well so that they can recognize letters better.

Play With Manipulatives

Toys like string beads, play dough, kinetic sand, puzzles, stickers are all perfect examples of open-ended toys that encourage hand-eye coordination and hand strength. Why is that important? Because it will help with writing.

Exposure To Writing Tools

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The classic choices are pencils and crayons. But writing tools also include paint brushes, and sidewalk chalk too among others. Make these items available for your kiddo to get creative with.

Your Time and Attention

Give your kiddo a piece of paper and let him write on it while playing grocery store. Or you can practice number recognition by letting your young kiddo find and push the button in elevators. Write or read together with your child so that they associate positive feelings with learning. 

Inspire Them

Instead of using workbooks and having kids sit quietly to practice writing, inspire them with a fun activity such as writing their name on paper with finger-paints or be creative with playdough or lego blocks to shape letters instead.
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