22 October 2020
Fun MR.TOY Videos to Watch on Youtube
Is your child feeling bored at home? Want to entertain them with something? Why not let them watch a fun Youtube videos? These are not just any normal Youtube videos but videos featuring awesome toys from MR.TOY!
Your kids get to see how they play with it or how to build the toys..its great as an entertaining video or as a tutorial or how-to video. Check it out:

Plasticine Putty
9018227 - RM16.90

Ever wondered how you can make your own slime from scratch? MR.TOY has the perfect toy for your kids!

It's a great way for them to learn something new and to be creative at the same time.

DIY Chacha Building Box
9018072 - RM37.00

Building blocks are a great way for kids to explore their imagination..they can build robots, buildings, vehicles and more.
Invite two to three kids to play this toy together to teach them some teamwork as well.

Domino Railway Set
9019806 - RM21.90

This simple Domino Railway Set Kids Domino is a perfect way for a family to spend a fun evening together.
You can work together to build the railway and stack the blocks and finally release the maze ball!

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