27 October 2020
Interesting Toys to Try This Week
We all know that little ones love food – they love eating it and playing with it. Pretend playing with food toys might help kids with their food knowledge and making healthier food choices during mealtimes. That said, here are interesting toys related to food that your kids can try from MR.TOY:

9019481- RM18.50

Take the order and prepare based on your customer choices of topping and requests. This fun DIY Pizza playset lets you experience creating different types of pizza and enjoy role-playing with your children.

4900834 - RM89.00

Bring out the little chef in your kid with MR.TOY Induction Cooker Set. The playset comes with a gas stove, pots and pans, cutlery, foods, and many more! It is a good way to teach about cooking and keep your children busy with hours of fun cooking.

9017933 - RM8.30

Simple and fun pretend fast food toy for all kids. It is a great interactive toy for kids age 2 and above to play with friends and family.

9017500 - RM89.00

Want to be one of Uncle Roger’s nieces and nephews that is good at cooking? This Kitchen playset is great in introducing your little one to cooking and various kitchen tools.
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