26 November 2020
MR.TOY Top Picks For Your Toddlers

Toddlers need toys that strengthen their motor skills and build on learning basics, while older children need toys that are more challenging and stimulating. Therefore, you want to shop for toys that encourage imaginative play that is suitable for any occasions such as holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions. Here are some top picks for your toddler from MR.TOY:


Kids Ride & Roll Suitcase

4900845- RM119.00

What’s better than a suitcase that you can use for travel, as a chair or as a ride! This is the perfect carry on luggage for every kid. Kids can sit on top of a suitcase and scoot along with their legs. If they get tired of pushing themselves, you can pull the handle straps attached while walking. 




PVC Playmat

4900814 - RM185.00

Suitable for babies aged 3 months and above. Play mat helps to provide support and soft cushioning when babies start learning to crawl on the floor as they tend to have weak muscles and easily injured. MR.TOY play mat is perfect for playtime or napping too. 


Mini Punching Sack Toy

4900296 - RM63.00

Test your flicking strength and challenge your friends and family with this super fun boxing game! When the game starts, aim at the punching sack and flick the punching sack with all your strength. The one who gets the highest score will be the winner.




Kids Swimming Pool

9019847 - RM65.00

Time to take a dip! Get your kids to put on their swimsuit and dive in this strawberry pool. You can have this pool up and ready within minutes and have a fun stay home family activity. 



Shape Sorting Box

9018721 - RM16.50

This classic baby first block toy is educational and helpful to toddlers. The cover is a sorting lid where your little one needs to match the pieces with the hole, perfect to nurture problem-solving skills and coordinations. 

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