Chinese New Year 2021
27 January 2021
Keep Your Kids Entertained with MR.TOY
Having to stay home doesn’t have to be boring for the kids, especially during Chinese New Year. One idea to keep them entertained is with toys! Here are some fun toy suggestions from MR.TOY:

4900799 - RM73.00
Did you notice your little one loves to sing along while watching Youtube videos or their favorite cartoon? If yes, this cute karaoke machine is a perfect gift that will let them enjoy hours of fun showing off their talent for singing and music.

9017762 -  RM17.50
Huat ah!! Red represents good fortune and good luck in Chinese tradition. So, get a matchy outfit to pair with this beautiful Fashionista Doll from MR.TOY for your little girl.

9018441 -  RM7.90
Moo... This pink and cute  baby rattle will make your little one smile when they shake and play with it. Fun fact: 2021 is the year of the ox! The ox is said to denote hard work, positivity and honesty.

9016874 - RM 11.50
A set of 8 bright-colored mini trucks toys for young kids. Great to use as an accessory for any playset. Or they can pretend play with these trucks with their siblings.

9019529 - RM73.00
Collect a complete set of Coffee Shop Playset which include cupcakes, a blender to make pretend drinks and a cash register. Each playset has its very own unique feature such as sound, light and twist for realistic role playing. It is a perfect gift for every kid to keep them entertained at home.
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