27 April 2021
More Fun MR.TOY videos to Watch on Youtube
MR.TOY is back with more Youtube videos to feature! If your kids love this series, then they will enjoy the below videos. Set them up with some snacks and a comfortable environment at home and play the videos on a TV:

Challenge your family and friends to an exciting match and experience the world's most popular sport at home and right in your living room! It's a fun and social activity is which suitable for both children and adults alike.

This tumble tower is a great group activity to play, especially when you have a gathering with friends. Arrange the tower nicely and compete with each other to tumble the tower!

What is a wethead barrel game? Watch the video to find out. It is such a funny game and will bring much laughter to the kids.

Get something for the toddlers at home. With this mat, toddlers are able to learn and recognise  numbers. Older kids can even use it to create a hopscotch game.

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